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Modular Kitchen Shutters

Modular kitchen shutters offer a contemporary look to the kitchen. If chosen carefully by home owners, they can offer a clean and organized look to the living spaces. The shutters should be of the highest quality to make them last for long. The material of the shutter should safeguard the content of the cabinet.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Shutters, Thane
Solid wood shutters are designed and manufactured making use of solid wood of the highest quality. Different types of solid wood shutters are available. Home owners can choose between teakwood, rubber-wood and others, depending upon their preferences. Wood shutters are popular since their introduction in the kitchen. They are preferred for their long lasting attributes that make them highly durable. Solid wood shutters even look elegant and give a stylish touch to the kitchen spaces. While manufacturing shutters, complete care is taken to ensure quality and consistency. Solid Wood is one of the most preferred materials for modular kitchen shutters.

PU Coated

PU Coated Shutters, Thane
PU or Poly Urethane coated shutters offer a contemporary and elegant look to the modular kitchen. These shutters are manufactured while utilizing the best materials in order to make them impressive and long lasting at the same time. Home owners can choose amid a variety of designs for PU coated shutters, blending them with the decor of the kitchen and rest of the home as well. While some home owners choose the same color, others mix and match different ones to give a contrasting look to the kitchen. PU coated shutters are so beautiful that one does not get bored of them ever.


Membrane Shutters, Thane
Home owners now have the advantage of exploring different types of shutters and membrane shutters is one of them. These shutters are ideal for the modular kitchens. Membrane shutters are manufactured making use of thick laminates of imported foils on all sides. This makes them high in quality and highly durable. There is a range of profile designs available that allow home owners to choose between traditional or stylish finishes. Membrane shutters are either in post form or are lacquered. There are a lot of options available with membrane shutters making them highly flexible and functional. Nowadays, people prefer membrane shutters over others.


Floral Shutters, Thane
Decorate modular kitchen with refreshing and rejuvenating floral shutters. These shutters give an inspiring look to the kitchen, making it as fresh as the food. The designs resemble the beautiful creations by Mother Nature. Flowers make the kitchen come alive and introduce natural elements to the kitchen. Home owners have the choice of enhancing the floral shutters with different finishes to make the interiors calming and vivid at the same time. Floral shutters never go out of fashion and enthuses the person preparing the meal. There are a range of colors and designs available in floral shutters, just like there are in real flowers.


Acrylic Shutters, Thane
Acrylic shutters offer a contemporary and clean look to the modular kitchen spaces. Designed and developed with high quality materials, acrylic shutters are available in a variety of inspiring designs that suits the needs and wishes of the home owners. A tough and transparent plastic, acrylic is preferred as a good alternative to glass. They are manufactured taking different things into consideration to make them durable and long lasting. Acrylic is a strong material and hence is resistant to scratches as well as wear and tear. They offer an amazing mirror finish to the shutters, making them beautiful and elegant.


Laminates Shutters, Thane
Laminate shutters are some of the most preferred materials when it comes to kitchen. They resemble the wooden finish and hence, make the kitchen look elegant. The most attractive benefit of laminate shutters is their price. Very affordable to the pocket, laminate shutters have become integral part of many modular kitchens in Thane. Further, laminate shutters are such manufactured that they can last for years without any wear and tear. Easy to install, laminate shutters help decorate space without compromising on quality and beauty of the modular kitchen. Home owners prefer laminate shutters as they are easy to clean and maintain.
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